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So the year has ended with anticipation from Apple customers that passionately awaited the launch of M1 MAC PRO. This technology is mind-blowing in ways that cannot be described unless it is seen in person.

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13-INCH MAC BOOK M1 PRO: Here comes another surprise from Apple Company, the new 13-inch MAC M1 PRO. This was not something expected from them as the customers were busy with iPhone 12 and its new features.

8-CORE CPU AND 8-CORE GPU CHIP FOR MAC M1 AND 2TB STORAGE SPACE: This feature has increased the demand for Mac M1 Pro with its GPU 5(times) faster and CPU 3.5 (times) faster. The chip has enabled the M1 to work swiftly and efficiently which is an advantage for Apple as the most effective trait they look for in a MacBook\laptop is speed. The 8-core CPU has four high-efficiency cores and four high-performance cores combined with an 8-core GPU.

The neural engine allows a mechanism’s learning tasks. In MAC PRO, the neural engine works 11 (times) faster which makes its ML-based features fast at recognitions. Advanced storage monitoring, SSD is 2 (times) faster with an arrangement of up to 2 TB storage space.

BATTERY LIFE OF MAC M1 PRO: This has all eyes turned around when Apple announced the amazing battery power that matched no other of 58.2WHr battery, up to 20 hours of video playing battery life and 17 hours of web browsing battery life. This amazing battery life had jaws dropped. The battery life has been improved compared to any other Mac Book device.

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SCISSOR SWITCH- MAGIC KEYBOARD:  The Mac Pro has a featured magic keyboard that has an improved scissor mechanism. This design is more reputable than the butterfly design from the previous ones. The features of the keyboard are in their own league with each key spaced 1mm apart making it steady and comfortable when working. Well, another eye-popping feature is that Mac has a Touch bar added to the keyboard which has a fingerprint sensor and ID sensor. Mac made it easier to do banking, payments, and more with a touch of the card on the Touch bar and has it secured to avoid any bug.

MAC M1 PRO DESIGN: As it is, Mac M1 Pro has the same design as the previous ones with a rectangle shape, aluminum body, and thin bezels around the screen. The Mac Pro, however, comes in silver and space grey. The MacBook comes with a gigantic trackpad, fine hinge, and touch bar. It also included side speakers that have an advanced sound system.

ACTIVE COOLING SYSTEM: This system was installed to the mechanism to keep the MacBook cool while the M1 chip is functioning. It doesn’t overheat the system as more power is being used by the M1 chip for effective performance.

MAC M1 PRO SCREEN DISPLAY: The screen has retina scanning with 500 nits’ brightness, wide color range, and accurate tone serviceability. The resolution of the screen is 2560 by 1600 at 227 pixels per inch. The True Tone features use a light sensor that ascertains the brightness of the space and the color temperature. Upon detection, it can adjust the intensity.

Personally, this Mac Book Pro M1 is mind-blowing and great but should rather wait for the latter model to be released to have it compared with each other before buying. The Mac Book already costs big bucks so don’t rush to purchase one before weighing the pros and cons of the model and considering waiting a while for the new model to be launched by Apple.

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