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Boosted’s designed products introduced e-bikes and an ‘Ultimate’ skateboard

The programs also included updates to the core electric skateboard lineup of Boosted. There was a quad-motor”Ultimate” board for fans who desired a ridiculously strong four-wheeler, although a”Small” board could have enhanced over the Boosted Mini having a more comfortable ride. Though a jury seems to have an old prototype, there was A Tony plank in the functions, Sheffer said. And if you believed the Boosted Rev was overkill, a modest scooter was in the cards.

Boosted as you understand, it is not any longer, but it seemingly had ambitious plans before Lime snapped its assets. YouTuber Sam Sheffer has got pictures of what the firm was working on before its successful shutdown, and it was eager to expand to new places. There were just two e-bikes in evolution, the”P2″ along with also the probably longer-ranged” Bullet” — you might have had a severe commuting machine.

It is not sure if Lime can do anything even though e-scooters and e-bikes would match into its transport plans. We would not count on the planks, not unless Lime would like to expand in that current market. If nothing else, that shows if Boosted had lasted some time 17, what might have been

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